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Frequently Asked Questions

General Question?

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Our customer service representative can help you in guiding more about see-through products, give a call at +1-800-710-8896 know more.

If you’re getting your item customized from us, then don not worry. Our experts are specialized in the field of screen printing, and embroidery and they are the best in their work. Also, we tend to take our customers in loop on every step for confirmation and full satisfaction.

Our dedicated customer service representative are available rom 7.00am to 6.00pm CST from every Monday to Friday. You can either call us at our toll-free number +1-800-710-8896 email at to get thorough guidance.

Unfortunately, no. However, we’re working to launch coupon codes for our loyal customers soon. So, you can shop wholeheartedly from

No, you have to separately avail special offers at

A structured cap has a stiff fabric that, when worn off, does not disturb the structure of the head. While an unstructured cap, when worn off, gives a crown-shaped look.

A fleece jacket has uncountable wool or hair, while a sweatshirt is made of textured knit fleece, making it a loose shirt and not too rough or stiff.

The three benefits of spot color printing are:
- On the desired material, vivid shades and raw prints look appealing.
- It gives perfection to the precision look of the apparel.
- It is quite safe to use spot color printing.

Return & Exchange

Unfortunately, no, as it is clearly mentioned on the page about a closed item. Hence, we cannot receive it.

You can easily return your order within the next 21 days or receiving it. You’ll either avail an exchange or refund of your money in this case. To submit a return request:
- Receive return authorization
- Ship back the order
- Receive your refund or exchange

Yes, you can. But you’ll have to process the request for ordering a new order, and return the one that does not fit you.

Unfortunately, no, as we work on quick order fulfilment. Hence, it leaves no room of space for us to cancel or change your order. However, you can exchange or return your product after receiving it.

Unfortunately, no, products who are either customized from screen printing, and embroidery cannot be returned. However, to make sure that the end product is as fine as you desired it to be we promise you to keep you in loop.

Promotional Products

Yes, give us a call at our toll-free number of +1-800-710-8896 or email at support and talk to our customer service representative to get more details.

Yes, you can get paid samples from us.

The product display page of a promotional store product contains two types of prices. One is of the blank apparel and the second one is of the decorated apparel. You can easily check the pricing range from there.

Yes, we always ask our promotional store product customer their budget and present them quotations working around it only. Talk to our staff at +1-800-710-8896 to know more.

It’s completely your choice. However, we suggest that products that you would only be handing out to potential customers serving the purpose of promotions should only have your logo.


In embroidery, the name or requested logo is stitched onto the T-shirts, whilst in printing the logo is directly printed onto the garment.

Yes, you can. But it will extend the average lead time of your order as it will have to go through multiple production processes.

Yes, but make sure that you iron the shirt from inside. Refrain from ironing on the face of the embroidery

Yes, your embroidered item would be as pretty as you want it. However, due to thread limitations very little amount of clarity would be compromised.

Our pricing range of embroidery depends on:
- Number of garments required for embroidery.
- Number of colors required for embroidery.
- Number of embroidered patches required on the shirt

Our average delivery time is up-to seven business days.

Our average delivery time is up-to seven business days.

Yes, a white or light-colored shirt is printed cheaper than a dark color print.

At ApparelBus, caps, Shirts, bags, Jackets, Drinkware covers, etc. are widely embroidered.

Product Quality

We only stock 1st quality products: no Second hand or Cut tag items.

Washing and Drying: Most of the products we sell are pre-shrunk. However, 4-8% will still shrink, depending on your washing and drying techniques. While different for each Brand, Shrinkage also has an Industry Standard. (Also affected by colour Treated fabrics). You can expect 4% to 8% Shrinkage on all Cotton fabrics, including Pre-Shrunk. The shrinkage rate will only be limited if the textile contains 5% (or more) non-cotton or the garment is marked as obtained compacted cotton.


Click on the product that you want to write the review for. Scroll down to the user options and click on the customer review.

Account Opening

It is easy. Just click on the accounts and lists icon in the upper right corner and click on the sign-in button. You will be directed to the location of the customer login page. You can add credentials and log in immediately if you already have an account. However, you can register and log in later if you are a new customer. To log out, click the log out button under the "Your Account" tab.

Yes. You need to have a work account for placing an order at ApparelBus. If you are a new customer, you need to register first. When you register for the first time, you can sign up for the ApparelBus Rewards Program.

Log in to the My Account page and update your information. The changes you made in your account will not be reflected in any order you may have in progress.

How can I make sure that the product looks fantastic? How can I set up an account at You can easily create an account at Enter your Name, Email address, and desired password and sign up as a member.


No, however, you can pay online Via American Express, PayPal, Mastercard, Diners Club International or Visa Card.

No, we can only refund the amount to the same credit card used for the transaction. We can pay you via PayPal or cheque if you miss a credit card. If you can't receive payment through PayPal or cheque, we can issue you a store credit in the form of bonus points you can use while ordering your next order with us.


Yes, your shipping cost can be refunded if you receive a defective or incorrect item; however, if you want to return your order for personal reasons, then freight/shipping costs will not be refunded.

No, if you want to cancel the order, you can call our customer service within one hour after placing the order. Other than that, you cannot "CANCEL," "ADD," or "CHANGE" items as you process the order when you place them so that you can get your item as early as possible. However, you can return or exchange the product as soon as you receive it.

Order Tracking

Yes, you can track your orders at ApparelBus. If your order is customized, then click here to know how you can track it. Otherwise, we will send you an email with the tracking ID once your order has been shipped. You can track your order on the DHL USPS website within 24-48 hours.

Yes, our webs it uses state-of-the-art encryption technology. Any secret information you submit on our site, such as a credit card number, is encrypted and sent over a secure connection from your computer to our server. You will see a "padlock" symbol on our checkout page in your browser, showing that your connection is secure.

Yes, your customized orders can only be tracked from a member account at ApparelBus. Moreover, creating an account with us has benefits, including the following:
- Your purchase history is saved; hence you can avail discount on your future orders.
- Your contact and shipping information is already saved.
- You can check your order before it has shipped.

Contact Us

How can I contact you? You can contact us by using our email address, i.e., Alternatively, you can use live chat or call us at +1-800-710-8896 and +1-442-325-3923.

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