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  1. Limitation of Our Responsibility and Repudiation:

    Apparelbus is provided on the basis of “as is” and “as available”, its procedure is entirely at user’s risk. It is necessary to mention here that neither nor its parent company, subsidiaries, designs or affiliates nor any of its any individual directors, officers, third-party content providers, mediators, sponsors, suppliers, dealers, designers, contractors, licensors guarantee that the use of this website will be continuous, stable or without error.

    ApparelBus and its connections do not guarantee the preciseness, truthfulness or perfection of the provided content on the website or the items or offered saleable services. Additionally, makes no design that the website’s content is related to, or appropriate for use in localities outside United States borders. All the guarantees are disowned by our website and its associates whether directly described or not, involving but not restricted to warranties of the title, marketability or fitness for any specific objective. Neither any verbal or inscribed information provided by ApparelBus and its associates shall make any warranty. Any warranty may be accepted or limited depending on states, hence might not be appropriate for all. Apparelbus and its associates are not answerable for any damages whatsoever in any circumstance, which are produced from your use or lack of abilities to use this web site, and which might have occurred directly or indirectly, specially or incidentally, from the usage of information attained from the Apparelbus website that lead to you in interruptions, deletion, omission, mistakes, or alteration of files, overdue transmission and processes, viruses, cyber threats or any lack of success in performance.

    In any action, the preceding limitations shall be applied if they are in contract, damage or other claims, even if the authorized delegate or agent of our website has been informed of the possibility of any of such damages. It is important to announce our of all users that this paragraph is applied to all the content available on our website. If you are from any state, which does not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages or troubles than the above constraint or exclusion may not be applicable to you.

  2. Appearance of Products

    The products on are showcased to the best of accuracy. Yet, we cannot take any accountability that the color seeming on the website goes with the product’s actual color. This difference might be due to the different nature of display panels used by users.


  3. Website Inaccuracies

    The product rates and service and their availability are subject to change without notice. The right is reserved by to correct any imprecisions whenever exposed or invalidate any declared offer, even after an order has been made and regardless whether the order has been confirmed and you have been charged for it.

    If ApparelBus cannot accomplish your order, it will return the charged amount to your credit card account. The timeframe of returning amount is subject to individual bank strategies. also offers the return policy for purchased items, if a buyer is not fully pleased with their purchase.

  4. Reasons of Price Difference on Some Web Pages

    If prices shown on our website are different from the advertised prices, there are numerous reasons for this difference. Usually, 36 pieces or more quantities of Small-XI sized and white colored items are best priced, which is also referred to as "As Low As" price. Hence prices of colored items with sizes especially larger than 2 XL can be more than listed "As Low As" price. You can check these different prices by choosing different colors and sizes from drop down menus provided thereon web page.

    Although is updated on regular basis, in case of price difference still exists it might be due to caching of web pages by some external/third party technology providers like:

    Product rates and service and their availability are subject to change without notice. The right is reserved by to correct any inaccuracies whenever discovered or cancel any declared offer, even after an order has been made and irrespective whether an order has been confirmed and you have been charged for it. On the off chance that can't fulfil your request, it will restore the charged add up to your MasterCard account. The time span of returning sum is liable to singular bank strategies. ApparelBus additionally offers merchandise exchange for bought things, if a purchaser is not completely happy with their buy.

    Web browsers (if user has enabled web browser settings of "store temporary internet files" or "make a page available off line")

    Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (if ISPs uses caching servers to provide website’s old copies instead of an updated version of it).

    Directories and Archive Technologies (for example "”)

    Search Engines (for example Google™)

    All of the above technology providers outside our control can serve an old and cached version of our web pages, which can reflect price and other content differences. For the above-stated reasons, we will not bear the responsibility of any such differences.

  5. Policy of Sales Tax

    We concern and collect sales tax according to the county law. If you claim a tax-exempt status then it is compulsory to give your state tax-exempt certification before purchasing any item.

  6. Means of Payment

    Usually, until we deliver or ship the items to you or confirm the availability of store your debit cards or credit cards are not charged. At the time of delivery of your order, we may charge you the exact amount with shipping charges or proper taxes but before this, at the moment when you place any order, we pre-charge the amount of your order with your debit card or credit card issuer which may affect your available credit line. You can contact your credit card issuer for further queries.

  7. Order Validation and Rejection

    Your request is approved by checking your cost technique and delivery address. claims all authority to end or lessen the requested amounts without expressing any reason. On the off chance that refusal of request happens, notice will be sent through email to you. Ordinarily, your credit or check card won't be charged if there was dismissal, however on the off chance that it was charged, the full discount will be made.

  8. Order Acceptance and Confirmation reserves the right to accept or decline your order for any reason, even if you have received any form of preceding confirmation of your order.

  9. Order Shipping and Loss

    Subject to availability, orders will be shipped according to shipping strategies. In the absence of shipped objects, which is a rarity, a user shall inform us within 14 days from receipt of the shipping confirmation email of their lost items.

  10. Usage Termination

  11. Any user can be barred from using at any time. Though, a user will still be responsible for the payments of order places before his/her termination. also asserts the right to transform, remove or suspend any section of our website anytime with citing any reason or notification.