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Screen Print Services by ApparelBus

T-shirts and apparel look boring when worn blank without any customization, which is why ApparelBus is trying their best to ensure that your unique identity is not compromised. Our screen-printed services make your apparel beautiful with craftwork and have the feature of "attractiveness" on your garment. As soon as you submit your design, our creative designers work with dedication to ensure that you get the same graphic as requested.

Selling high-quality products is a different task. However, ensuring that they look "high-quality" is a hectic task. At ApparelBus, we ensure that you get only what you want whenever you buy custom screen-printed shirts and apparel from us. Our printing services are recommended by our loyal customers. Creators on our team are artists themselves. They are always looking for ways to make your t-shirts and apparel tempting. With consideration given to your spending plan, the main focus of our screen-printing services revolves around being friendly to your budget. With decreased and lowered costs, our client's quality is boosted to ensure that our connections with big brand names are not hurt or altered by any means. Our specialty is the marked apparel we provide while working hard with leading brands.

Let's learn how to screen print at ApparelBus, so you know how hard it takes to submit your demanded design to you within your budget!

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7 Steps of the Screen-Printing Process

Screen printing is quite a continuous process; however, it is much of a fundamental strategy. The seven steps involved in the screen-printing process are interlinked as the output of the first step becomes an input of the second step, and so on. Further, the screen-printing approach focuses on deploying an extraordinary light reception. The emulsion in itself is pretty integrative. Employing making a custom stencil, the whole process is carried out:

Step#1: Design Development: To make the stencil, the printer considers the design and a printed version of it on the acetic acid derivation, which is quite visible for further work.

Step#2: Screen Groundwork: A lattice screen design is chosen by the printer, whereas per the intricacy of the requested format, the surface fabric is printed upon.

Step#3: Exposed Emulsion: The emulsion-covered screen is then covered with the design-containing acetate sheet, and everything is exposed to incredibly bright light. The screen sections covered by the pattern remain in a fluid structure because the illumination solidifies the emulsion.

Step#4: Emulsion Wash-Off:The area of the screen not covered by design will have hardened after being exposed for a predetermined amount of time. Then, any unhardened emulsion is painstakingly removed by washing. This allows the ink to pass through a respectable etching of the design on the screen.

Step#5: Print Item Preparation:The printing device's screen is then attached. The item of clothing that will be printed is placed level on the printing board beneath the screen.

Step#6: Ink-pressed Screen upon the Item:The printing device's screen is attached. The item of clothing that will be printed is placed level on the printing board beneath the screen.

Step#7: Finishing: At that stage, the printed item is sent through a dryer to "fix" the ink and create a smooth, color-fast surface. The final product will be thoroughly tested and cleaned to remove any buildup before being presented to its new owner.

If you are tired of searching for ‘screen printing near me’, then it is time to give us a chance. Because, at ApparelBus, an efficient and professional screen-printed process is ensured. Let's understand the screen-print size guide, which you can easily order from:

Screen-Printing Size Guide

To ensure that your T-shirts look unique & attractive with our screen-printing service, it is vital first to coincide with the design size.

Following are the sizing parameters that our customers generally prefer for screen printing:

Print Area Size (inch)
Standard Print 13" X 16"
Oversized Print 15" X 19"
Jumbo Print 20" X 20"

If you are a new start-up and wondering whether your company needs branding through screen-printed products, then keep on reading:

Why Branding your products through Screen-Printing is the Best?

Screen printing works best for distinctive tones, shades, and colour textures. It helps significantly improve the appearance of products, including T-shirts & Apparel. Along with this, the product's acceptable material quality is also enhanced in this procedure. Moreover, duplicate formats of a single print are possible through Screen-printing.

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