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Dickies 1574 Mens 5.25 oz./yd² Short-Sleeve Work Shirt

Machine wash, Easy Care, Do not bleach, for more information Read More ...
Style Code: 1574

Standard delivery: Dec - 05- 11 - Dec

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    • 65% polyester/ 35% cotton twill
    • Moisture wicking and stain-release finish
    • Generous fit across shoulders
    • Two chest pockets
    • 20-line melamine buttons
    • Dickies logo patch at bottom of placket
    • Extended tail
    • Shirt colors match Dickies traditional work pants

    Customer Reviews

    Average Customer Rating (86.00%)

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    Rating :
    Excellent shirts, very comfortable, and made very well, but the sizing is pretty far off. I typically fit a 2XL in most brands very well, so that's what I ordered for these. Unfortunately, despite being my normal size, I swim in them. They're absolutely massive. It almost seems like a set of 3x or 4x shirts got the wrong tags. Having said that, I ordered this model shirt two each in three different colors, and the fit for all 6 was identical, so apparently it's just how they're made. They're made well and very comfortable, so I'd definitely recommend them, but make sure you go down a size or two from your normal.
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    Rating :
    Rather larger than I expected and with a fairly stiff, thickish, material.Probably good in a work place environment but I wanted them to use as 'everyday' shirts.Still quite 'stiffish' material even after being washed twice.
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    Rating :
    I read a number of reviews that said Dickies had become a lower quality brand and shirts aren't like they used to be. In my case, I disagree. I wore my last collection of these shirts for 5 years and the only reason I decided to replace them was because I couldn't get the pit stains out anymore. Replaced them with 5 new shirts of the same model.. and got 5 new shirts of the same model. Same fit, same look.. same quality. Had them for a couple of months and still wearing them every day.
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    Rating :
    I love the rich color, fit, and style of these; already have 3 other colors of same shirt. Can be worn in or out. And I never dry in dryer but for 10 minutes to get mostly dry, then I hanger the rest. Doing this with all shirts like this minimizes ironing and shrinkage over the life of the piece (dryers kill clothes). I marked "fits as expected" but that's only because I now expect all clothing to fit differently than what sizes once indicated. I'm the same weight & measurement as I was 2 decades ago (5-9, 185); however, I now sometimes have to buy extra large rather than just large. Clothes are now made all over the world; that has to create sizing problems.
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    Rating :
    Putting on this shirt instantly makes you 100% more attractive and gives you the ability to field strip a 12 litre Diesel engine. Life is hard for the broad shouldered and tubby, especially when it comes to finding shirts that fits across the moobs but does not billow out at the waist like your wearing a mini dress moo moo. I will be purchasing more in other colours and maybe getting some more tattoos. Tattoos and this shirt go together like bacon and burgers. Which, by the way you will automatically start craving once you don this new addition to your manley wardrobe.
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    Rating :
    the fit is good for a tee shirt i normaly have 2xl. may first dickies work shirt was 2xl and that gives a lot of room for movement and wearing tee shirt underneath. i love the pockets and the speacial pen/reading glasses part of the pocket. well its actually just like a large button hole that you can slip you pen or the arm of your reading glasses into. got the xl for times when i want practical and smart at work but i wont be unloading trucks full off stock. it works
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    Rating :
    i love the fit, i wore this to work as a dress shirt, i'm a female 180 lbs and a small fits just right
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    Rating :
    The shirt size, fit, color etc. are fine, but the product description is incorrect. It's listed in the description as 100% cotton, which it is not. The tag on the shirt (Charcoal, Medium) says 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Just so you know.
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    Rating :
    I bought a khaki short-sleeved shirt to match the loose-fit work shorts in the same colour that I'd recently purchased. The colour matching is exact, although the shirt is a lighter-weight fabric. This is a classic design for a work shirt, with a generous length and square-cut bottom that allows the shirt to look great whether worn outside (as shown in the photo) or tucked in. I went for a 2XL as I like plenty of room for movement in a work shirt, although I'd usually order an XL in a more formal shirt, and this was a good decision because the shirt fits as I'd expected. I like the shirt (and matching shorts) so much that I've ordered a set in Navy Blue.
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    Rating :
    Make absolutely certain that you are getting the size and style of shirt that you think you are. I ordered a Large, based on Dickies sizing chart and my neck and chest measurements, and what I received fits well in the shoulders and chest but was a Big and Tall version, and I am in fact short and squat. If I were a cross dresser I could use this shirt as a dress. But Dickies will not accept a return for exchange so I'll tuck it in and make do.The shirt itself is a heavy fabric that should wear well even in my tough-on-clothes work as a dog trainer/rehabilitator. The twin chest pockets are a good size one has a gap in the flap stitching for a pen. It appears to be well made: I'll see if that appearance holds up after a few washings. The shirt fits well and doesn't bind as I move about, limiting my motion. I'd prefer the tunic style (for air flow in the summer, since most of my work is outside) but I'll have to tuck this one in.
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    A household name in workwear, Dickies is renowned for its dependable toughness and classic design. With a nearly century-long history, we provide top-notch clothing that is favored by experts around. Dickies is the brand of choice for those who want performance and craftsmanship on the job site or in everyday life.

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