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  • Columbia 7266 Mens Tamiami II Short-Sleeve Shirt
  • Columbia 7266 Mens Tamiami II Short-Sleeve Shirt
  • Columbia 7266 Mens Tamiami II Short-Sleeve Shirt
Columbia 7266 Mens Tamiami II Short-Sleeve Shirt

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Customize - Columbia 7266 Mens Tamiami II Short-Sleeve Shirt

Columbia 7266 Mens Tamiami II Short-Sleeve Shirt

Machine wash, Easy Care, Do not bleach, for more information Read More ...
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    • 2.4 oz., 100% polyester ripstop fabric
    • Omni-Wick™
    • Quick-dry
    • Omni-Shade™
    • UPF 40 sun protection
    • Anti-microbial treatment protects this product from bacterial growth
    • Performance fishing gear
    • Button-down collar
    • Vented
    • Columbia PFG logo patch on rod holder on left chest

    Size Chart

    S M L XL 2XL 3XL
    Body Width2223.52526.52830
    Body Length29.530.531.532.53333.75
    Sleeve Length2020.7521.522.2522.7523.25

    Customer Reviews

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    1. on December 14, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    Great shirts.... quality delivery!
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    2. on October 26, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    Expensive but great quality.
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    3. on October 01, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    I'm a big fan of Columbia "breather-back" shirts. In the hot Texas summers these things are no joke- they really do keep you cool. For no good reason, I only had one of these for many years and I only used it for fishing. This past summer I snapped out of that nonsense and started buying more and wearing them all over. Here's my take on the different shirts, hope this helps you. (for reference I am 5'8", 175#, 32" waist and usually wear either an athletic-cut large shirt or a medium if it's cut normally...yes, I live in size hell)Bonehead: This shirt is 100% cotton and is very tough. Makes a great work shirt. It wrinkles easily and has the traditional PFG assortment of pockets on the front. It does not fly under the radar but it looks fine for what it is. I have several of these and if you can get them less than $15 that's a great deal. Given the pros of the other shirts, however, I must say this style is my least favorite (but still a great shirt, and my go-to work shirt). I always get a small in this style and it's still roomy at that. It's cut VERY large.Bahama II: Much like the Bonehead in terms of pockets, but it's made of nylon fabric. Breathes better and wrinkles less but can still wrinkle. The "Super Bahama" version has a print rather than solid colors. Heavier material than the Tamiami. I wear a small in this shirt as well. Not super lightweight but tougher and can be used as a work shirt. If you are in a low-humidity environment this shirt works well. For extremely high-humidity and/or very sweaty activities I find this shirt clings to me and is not as comfortable as the Tamiami.Tamiami II: Very light cloth, kind of parachute-like. 100% polyester. Different pockets. This, to me, is the coolest (temperature-wise) shirt of the bunch. The "Super Tamiami" is the printed version. I wear a small in this one as well and it's my favorite for very hot weather but I would be very hesitant to wear it for work applications. Not as tough as the Bonehead or Bahama. Pretty much wrinkle-free.Baitcaster: Lightweight like the Tamiami but different cut and different pockets. It's kind of a cleaner version of the Tamiami, however, because of the cut I wear a medium in this rather than the small in most of the others. I tried a small and it would button but was tight in the shoulders.Low-Drag Offshore: Another lightweight version with far more conventional pockets and a very clean look. Some colors have contrasting stitching which, in my opinion, looks sharp. The sizing on this is smaller than the Bonehead/Bahama/Tamiami but slightly larger than theBaitcaster. I ordered a small and it fits, barely. By far my favorite design. When I order another I may or may not order up a size to a medium.So there you go. If I seem addicted to these shirts it's because I am. In a hot climate you may be able to find a cooler shirt but if one exists I don't know about it. Retail you can expect to pay anywhere from $30-$60 for these but if you keep an eye out on Amazon getting them as cheap as $11 isn't unheard of. Money well-spent if you spend a lot of time outside.
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    4. on September 25, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    It is smaller than other Columbia shirts, albeit they are all marked Medium.
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    5. on September 11, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    I spent years wearing smelly synthetic shirts camping, kayaking, hiking, etc. At some point you just get used to the funk in exchange for the performance of a synthetic fabric, but it's not to say you enjoy it. Then I discovered merino wool shirts which were a game changer - the 150 weight is extremely comfortable in hot or cold weather and it resists funk like nobody's business, even after 2-3 days in the woods. But after you spend that much on what is essentially a t-shirt, you'll be horrified at the longevity. Wool shirts just aren't that durable.I decided to try out the Columbia Tamiami/Silver Ridge/etc. shirts for a few reasons, none of which disappointed:1. Pockets. You don't miss them until you don't have them.2. UPF protection. Natural fibers just don't block the sun like synthetics and the UPF protection of the Columbia shirts is superb.3. Durability. These shirts are much more durable than synthetics, especially if you're wearing a pack and have lots of contact areas.4. Style. Okay, not the top of my list of requirements by any stretch, but it is nice to have a shirt that can go to town or the woods as need be. A nice selection of solids and plaids covers the bases.What really surprised me, however were two things:1. These shirts are amazing comfortable, especially in warm weather. They wick very well, and I assume that the UPF rating helps reflect a lot of sun. They have really performed very well in the hot, humid North Carolina summer from the mountains to the beach.2. The anti-microbial coating works very well. This has always been a disappointment with other synthetics advertised as anti-microbial in the past, but these work really well and holding down the funk. Maybe not as well as wool, but much, much better than most synthetics.These shirts tend to run maybe a 1/2 size large and I found it better to downsize than go with my standard size (chose M instead of L, and have been an L all my life). That gave a nice tailored fit that looked good and felt great.
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    6. on September 11, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    I was searching Amazon for lightweight workshirts and stopped to read reviews on this particular style. One quality review compared this style with a different one and the pros and the cons. I took a chance on this style and I'm so glad I did. I've bought several!In the review that I was reading and several others, there were recommendations to get a medium if you normally wear a large. I went that route but wasn't completely comfortable. I'm an average size guy, not overweight, but not skinny either. I normally buy a large size because I like to have a little room in my shirt. Unfortunately it took buying a few of the mediums to realize that I really wanted a large and since then have purchased several large shirts and am much more comfortable. They are extremely lightweight and dry out very quickly when I get wet from working outside.
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    7. on August 13, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    This shirt is so comfortable light weight. Ideal for summer.
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    8. on June 15, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    I love the shirt. It's loose fitting but I like that. Lots of pockets and really breathable which is what I was looking for. Material is top notch and it washes really well too. I don't particularly like the buttons on the collar but I can live with that.
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    9. on June 13, 2021, said:
    Rating :
    I own close to two dozen Columbia fishing shirts. Living in Southwest Florida they are almost a uniform given the high heat and humidity you would expect living in a reclaimed swamp. However, this relatively new Tamiami model is by far, my new favorite. Apart from its excellent Wicking properties, that keep it from sticking to you at the first sign of perspiration (yuck). But what I particularly like is that the shirts seem to use material that is both very light and porous, so you get a maximum cooling affect which not only feels good on the skin but also dries quickly if you do perspire a bit in it. By the way the colors in this line really aren’t as bright as they appear in the photographs here. The turquoise that I purchased is a very pleasant bright blue… I’ve already received several compliments about it. Also, just as an aside, I am a very big guy and the XL tall sizes of the Tamiami fit quite well. My Tamiami‘s are the first shirts I reach for in my closet pretty much year-round here in South Florida.
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