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Alleson Athletic 715 Elite Football Practice Jersey

Alleson AthleticAlleson Athletic
Machine wash, Easy Care, Do not bleach, for more information Read More ...
Style Code: 715

Standard delivery: Jun - 25- 28 - Jun

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    • 100% High Bursting Extreme Mini-Porthole Cationic Colorfast Polyester With Moisture Management
    • 100% High Bursting Extreme Strength Dazzle Cationic Colorfast Polyester With Moisture Management
    • Waist Length Elite Practice Jersey
    • Cover Hemmed Elastic Sleeve Cuffs
    • Doubly Ply Yoke And Single Ply Sleeves With Extreme Strength Dazzle That Has High Bursting Strength Protection 2.5 Times Stronger Than Regular Dazzle
    • Body Fabric Is Extreme Mini-Porthole Cationic Colorfast Polyester With High Bursting Strength Protection 2 Times Stronger Than Regular Mesh
    • Mitered Set-In Lycra V-Neck With Triple Bar-Tacked Reinforcement
    • Entire Jersey Is Charcoal Color Dazzle Taping To Bring Complete Stability At Every Seam On Entire Jersey For Unsurpassed Performance At The Highest Levels Of Play
    • 2 Year Performance Guarantee
    • Alleson size jock tag

    Previously style number A00171

    Customer Reviews

    Average Customer Rating (82.86%)

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    Rating :
    I bought five different pairs of Pantyhose , all different manufacturers but all one color/shade. They're all the same as far as quality can get maybe 5 wears out of each brand. Nothing overly cheap-feeling but also nothing swoon-worthy.But what I found hilarious was the variance in shades/colors. I bought 5 pairs so I could try them all on in-person to compare with my skin tone and to the dress I planned on wearing to a wedding. For being all the same shade, they sure looked different. The lightest was practically white and the darkest was a coffee brown. Too funny.
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    Rating :
    Love it!
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    Rating :
    When I took these out of the package I was amazed. They reached from the floor to my chin. When I put them on they fit fine. Strange. I find that pantyhose are difficult to find in the stores as I am told by my daughter that one is not supposed to wear hose anymore. What! Every blemish on your legs shows and you look naked. Unfinished and ugly look. Hanes, keep making pantyhose. You make the best.
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    Rating :
    Thank you so much it's very nice and pretty
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    Rating :
    These are great hose. I'm in my 30s and one of the few people my age that wears stockings, but I love them. They keep my legs a little warmer in the air conditioning, and they make my legs look better. I have very pale skin and would definitely be in the running for the Pastiest Legs Award if it existed. I love "Little Color" -- after trying many, many, many different colors, that is my go-to. It is really a nude shade and doesn't look like an unnatural tan. If you're fair-skinned and want something neutral (but that won't look pasty white), I would pick LITTLE COLOR.I also love how silky these stockings are. They feel great on, like having satin on your legs. I have to be a little careful with shoes, though, because these could make my heels slide right off; there's not enough friction at the heel. So, I prefer to wear these with pumps that have a strap.Also, other commenters gave me wonderful advice -- buy a size up. It makes the stockings much more comfortable at the waist, especially if you're like me and tend to hold weight there.
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    Rating :
    Fit as expected and are very silky, making them feel expensive. My only complaint is the 'Barely There' color looks more "suntan" when they are on and I was hoping for just a hint of color, like the name and picture implies.
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    Rating :
    Problem: wedding to attend, recent leg injury with massive bruising to cover while having to wear a knee length dress.Solution: Town Taupe shade of Hanes Silk Reflections Panty Hose to discreetly disguise the bruises without resorting to tights or hose that would be too dark for the dress color. Also Non Control Top to prevent half hour contortion sessions when visiting ladies room.Caveat: Though lovely and sheer, comfortable and chic, I got just the one usage out of them because they launched into a massive run down the back of the left panty and upper leg as the reception drew to a close and I sat down (on a padded chair) after dancing. Unexpected, as nothing snagged on them up that high as to cause the run. It's as though they got overheated from the dancing and just gave up.They fit nicely from the toes, over the ankles, and especially over the knees where some panty hose start to bind. I have wide thighs and was worried (at 5'4") that the E/F size would fail me through this area and the crotch wouldn't snug all the way up. But it did fit, and continued up to completely cover the tummy, then stayed in place with no rolling down.While I'm slightly disgruntled that, for the cost, these hose turned into a one night stand, they did serve the purpose and did the job well and stylishly. In the future, I'd invest in another pair and probably go with the same shade. I hope to get more use from the next pair.
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